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Guaranteed Internship & High Stipend!

Our intensive 1-month program equips fresh graduates with the skills and connections needed to land paid internships at top tech companies. We boast a 95% success rate and an average stipend range of $30,000-$70,000 per year. But that’s not all! Our program offers:

  • Personalized coaching from industry experts
  • Skill-building workshops tailored to specific tech roles
  • Mentorship opportunities with successful professionals
  • Networking events with top tech companies

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The Application Process

Participate In A Preliminary Test

Unlock the perfect entry-level job for you! Take our quick, 5-minute skills assessment to identify your strengths and interests. This personalized quiz will match you with suitable job opportunities and career paths on our platform. Don't worry, it's easy and fun!

Fill & Submit Your Details

Once you finish the quick assessment, simply submit a short online form with your contact details, and desired job type. This information helps us tailor job recommendations and connect you with potential employers.

Expert Training And Support

Explore a world of exciting job opportunities across various industries and locations. Get expert training and personalized support from our team of professionals to help you land your dream job.

Guaranteed Internship

Our intensive program equips fresh graduates with the skills and connections to land paid internships at top tech companies. 90% of our graduates secure internships within 30 days, with starting stipends averaging $45,000.


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